Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Red Wings Revived, Phoenix Down in Game 7

Is this what you were expecting when the Wings crapped out in Game 6? My head says no but my heart says yes. Phoenix managed to awaken the sleeping giant, and the Big Red Machine came out to play. Detroit owned every single aspect of the 7th game of this WCQF matchup with Phoenix and buried the Desert Dogs beneath the sand.

Look back to my past blogs: I said that the one thing Detroit lacked that made other squads great was the consistency. The Wings were the embodiment of consistency tonight, absolutely manhandling Phoenix and showing everyone in arena what it REALLY means to face the Detroit Red Wings in the Playoffs!!

I'll sum up The Geek's Winning Formula as such: Detroit rewrote the laws of science in this one, nearly playing Phoenix into a standstill, save one flourish of favor with the Fiddler goal. The wings met every expectation I had of them tonight, be they written in these previews and reports or not. They did all the big things rights, the little things, the unconscious things. Detroit made everything click for them tonight, and now have a model game to look back and remember how they should be playing the rest of this post-season.

Yes, I know it's early, but if the Red Wings are willing and able to play like this through the rest of the Playoffs, Hockey Gods help any/every poor souls that gets in Detroit's way of their 12th Stanley Cup. First on that list? The San Jose Sharks, who earlier were calling for the Wings to win, apparently saying they "wanted a crack at them [Detroit]". Were you watching tonight, San Jose? Still looking forward to our meeting?

I didn't think so. Be careful what you wish for.

Till Game 1, Wingnuts!! Let's Go Red Wings!!!

P.S.: Much thanks to my awesome Wingnut GF Kate for the report title!!

Game 7 Preview: Wings @ Coyotes

Wow iPods suck to blog on, never doing this again...

Well Wingnuts, it's now or never. If the Wings are going to show us what they can really do, now is the time. Tonight is the last game of the series between Detroit and Phoenix an the loser is going home early. The wings were embarrassed in front of the home crowd last game, and I'm hoping to see that energize the Wings and bring about veneage like we've yet to see from the Winged Wheel.

Here is a quick version of The Geek's Winning Formula, as I'm running late and the more I type on this iPod the closer I get to snapping it over my knee.

1.) Capitalize!! - Too many missed opportunities by Detroit. If we can't convert it'll be Game 6 all over again, and we don't want that.

2.) Special Teams - Wings need to remember it's them who're supposed to score on their PP's and not Phoenix. Also need to stop breaking down out of nowhere on the PK.

3.) Remember Why You're Here - Detroit fought hard to make Playoffs, this is not the time to lay down and die!! Whatever you have left in the tank, boys, I suggest you use it tonight!!

I'll make this more "geeky" when I get home, after that you can blame any typoes and mistakes on the beer.

Get ready for a wild finish, Wingnuts!! Let's Go Red Wings!!!