Sunday, January 22, 2017

The "We *don't* like our team" Era: Has it begun?

Strap yourself in, gentle reader, because the Detroit Red Wings just did something profound enough to drag my exhausted ass back here, and boy is it a DOOZY!  Alright, are we all ready for this? Alright listen up: Ken Holland...yes, THAT Ken Holland...just placed Drew Miller...ON WAIVERS!!


Image result for drew millerYes, you are reading this right, Kenny Heartbreak has put a veteran forward on waivers INSTEAD of losing a young and talented player to another team for nothing!  I understand if you need a moment to collect your thoughts or clean up, but just bear with me here.  Perhaps we should consider alerting the authorities or seeing if we can get a spot in the next X-Files season because I am CONVINCED that Ken Holland has either been abducted and replaced by aliens or is now host to a sentient mind-controlling parasite that thought it's victim's job was to actually make sound hockey operations decisions.

Good lord, maybe next we'll see Riley Sheahan get.........BENCHED!!!

In all seriousness, this is still news that is far more significant than it should be.  As someone on Twitter suggested to me, maybe Holland is finally starting to feel the seat under him getting warmer.  That could be the case, but I want to believe that the Wings management is simply--finally!--turning a corner with their views on how a club needs to be built in the current NHL.  Maybe they're starting to understand that being loyal to your players can only extend so far before you've stretched yourself too thin.

Maybe the Red Wings finally have the spine to say, "We don't like our team, and some things need to change.".

Now I admit that is heavily reading into something that just happened with a lot left on the table to decide on, but damned if I don't take this as a step in the right direction.

I just hope more steps are to follow