Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wings Hope to Avoid Snowballing VS Avalanche

Detroit (6-5-1) VS Colorado (7-6-1)

Detroit has finally put the horrific losing streak behind them, and now the task of starting a streak in the other direction begins.  The Red Wings will be looking to win their 2nd straight game against our old foes, the Colorado Avalanche.

The roster for tonight's match is relatively unchanged from Saturday: Todd Bertuzzi and Patrick Eaves are both still out with their respective ailments, but Mike Commodore will be replaced by Jakub Kindl on the blueline.  It also appears that the splitting of Datsyuk and Zetterberg will continue, with Pavel manning the top line, and Hank working the 2nd line.

My thoughts on this game are such: I am not looking for another blowout.  We put the concerns about scoring behind us in Anaheim, the boys proved that there's no lingering issues there.  I would prefer to see a couple early goals, then watch the Red Wings lock things down defensively.  Isn't that what Coach Babcock wants in the first place? He's been trying to get the team more tight defensively, but it's a more difficult task when the offense isn't there and there's no lead to protect.  In a case like that, you worry as much about scoring to get the lead as you do about not making a mistake and giving the opposing team the lead!

My prediction: 3-2 Wings, with Filppula getting the Gold Star as player of the game.

Let's Go Red Wings!!