Saturday, October 30, 2010

Preview: Let's Mix Things Up--Wings VS Preds

Detroit (5-2-1) VS Nashville (5-1-3)

Well, now we know who's sitting, and is it any great surprise he's already whining?

Sources have confirmed that Jiri Hudler will be the odd man out on Detroit's 3rd line, and he has already started voicing his displeasure with the decision. Let's take a look at the stats, shall we? Hudler is in the middle of his two linemates as far as performance goes: not as bad as Mike Modano on the +/-, and not as offensively stagnant as Dan Cleary. The problem is neither Cleary nor Modano have fussed about feeling undercut when it came to money, unlike a certain someone a couple years back...Hudler needs to remember that he was kept on upon his return from the KHL because it was believed he would bring back some offensive punch, but such has not been the case thus far, and I hate to say it hasn't surprised me in the least.

In his stead, Hudler will be replaced by Justin Abdelkader, a kid with a lot of heart and a roster spot to earn back. I expect the Predators are going to be a bit banged up after this matchup. Let's take a look at the Geek's Winning Formula for tonight:

1.) Stabilize Early - The Wings need a strong 1st period. After the game against Phoenix, we don't need to dig our own grave twice in a row. If Detroit just plays simple, smart hockey then we should be fine, the game should be plenty winnable.

2.) Depth Charges - I said in a previous post a while ago that I'd been concerned about the lack of success from the bottom 2 lines, and the troubles no the Red Wings' 3rd line are a prime example that all the holes have not been plugged yet. As mentioned, hopefully Abby will be able to ignite something and turn this thing around in our favor!

3.) The Advantage of History - It's corny and it's cliche', but I like the odds of games where history is against the opponent. The media makes sure that it's never kept silent, and the team can't completely shut it out. Hockey players are a superstitious bunch, many may not tell you that but that's because it'd be bad luck to do so. The Preds have been abyssmal in the Joe, and I'm hoping fate has a part in the Wings' play tonight so that Detroit can spoil what would be Nashville's first 4-0-0 road start in franchise history.

I may be around for the game, so you may see me on Twitter!

Enjoy the game, Wingnuts! Let's Go Red Wings!!