Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wings Focused on Flipping Fortunes, Face Phoenix

Detroit (16-9-1) VS Phoenix (15-9-3)

Holy F.

The Red Wings have looked sub-par in their previous 2 games, and their record has suffered for it accordingly.  Now it's time for Detroit to jump back on the win wagon with a match-up tonight against the Phoenix Coyotes. The good news coming into tonight's game is that Valtteri Filppula will be back in the lineup after being cut by a skate and sidelined.

Since Flip's absence, Detroit has looked off.  More bad passing, more miscommunication, and a general increase in inconsistency.  Hopefully with Val back in the lineup, things will shift back to normal.

My money is on Flip to come back and make an immediate impact again, picking up where he left off before his injury.

That's it from me.  Now I must prep for a sparring session for fencing, then return to cheer on the Wings!

Class dismissed.