Sunday, November 28, 2010

Preview: BJ's Blow Into Town

Detroit (14-4-2) VS Columbus (14-7-0)

Thanks to @Winghead19 for the photo!

I'm extremely tired from barely sleeping last night, so get ready for a real simple pre-game, folks.

The Red Wings are completing the home-and-home as they host the BlueJackets this evening. Both teams played well and the Wings will need to up their game to come away with 2 more points.

The Geek's Winning Formula:

1.) Maintain Pressure - The Wings did well with this last game and were pretty consistent, they'll need to do so again today.

2.) Avoid Penalties - How the hell we didn't get burned by all those penalties we were called for is beyond me, but boys? Be on your best behavior today, we likely won't be that lucky again for a while.

3.) Don't Shy from Shooting - A lot of our chances would likely convert if more of the Wings would suck it up and shoot instead of ALWAYS dishing off to someone else. This was evident last game. Sure, it works sometimes, but I'd go so far as to say teams expect that given the choice, there will be a pass before a shot on every scoring chance.

I'm gonna go dead now, goodnight.

Enjoy the game, Wingnuts! Let's Go Red Wings!!