Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hobbled Wings Hold Court with Kings

Detroit (44-22-3) @ Los Angeles (32-25-12)

Games are becoming increasingly critical.  With the St. Louis Blues pulling away in the Central division race, the Red Wings need to find some heroes to keep pace while injuries to many of the Detroit studs get healthy again. The Wings will thankfully see Jimmy Howard return tonight, and Joey MacDonald will hopefully get to settle back into the number two spot after doing all he could to keep the Wings on the winning side of the scoreboard.

Detroit broke the Kings' hearts a few games back, managing a win by getting 4 of their season-low 15 shots past Jonathan Quick in a home victory that some might say they didn't deserve and were lucky to walk away with.

Something tells me that the Wings will need a much more concerted effort tonight at the Staples Center if they hope to secure another precious two points this evening.  With the tear that St. Louis is on, Detroit will need the W to help prevent the Blues from all but running away with the division.

Should be a good match, and I'll be ranting about it later on Twitter, I'm sure.

Let's Go Red Wings!!

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