Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wings' Inconsistency Kills in 4-3 loss to Sharks

Well, that was a frustrating three hours...

The Red Wings put in an...uninspired, shall we say, effort and ended up never seeing a lead in their 4-3 loss to San Jose. After winning 5 straight, is it so much to ask that the boys try to keep the momentum going? Universal karma being as it is, Vancouver will win tonight and yet again we'll watch the Canucks laugh and pull away from us again. It seems like whenever we get a whiff of the 'Nucks and their ass, it turns our stomach and we play like garbage.

One big killer tonight: Inconsistency. The Red Wings had good spurts, then would putter out and make it seem like they...really just didn't care. In the end, again, Danny Cleary was one of the only guys out there really looking like he wanted a W, scoring the first 2 Detroit goals and setting a new season-high for himself. If we had more guys playing with half the heart that Newf puts into his play, we'd be looking at 10 game winning streaks every other month. Hank Zetterberg got the only other Wings goal very late in the 3rd to give us the hope that Detroit might possibly tie things up, but even if they did, I'm convinced they wouldn't have deserved even the point for going to OT.

Fact is: If you're not willing to play hard for 60 minutes, you don't deserve to play past the end of that hour. Detroit did not play hard all night, and certainly didn't get a glance at OT this evening.

Smarten up, Red Wings, and take it to Dallas in the next game. You're better than this.