Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This is my disappoint face.

Detroit (20-8-4) VS Vancouver (19-8-4)

Babs, you got it half-right. You listened to your players, that's good. The bad part is you listened at the wrong time. Do you think I give a shit if Ozzie gets his 400th win at home or on the road? Hell no! A win is a win, and it's not like there'd be any special celebration for him at the end of the game just because it's at the Joe!

Bottom line, Osgood would've won in Chicago and Howard would've won against Dallas, and those 4 points would mean a whole lot more to me right now than trying to inflate Ozzie's non-existent ego by winning at home.

Next time, the players defer to the coach and not the other way around. 400 will come, but not by forcing it, Dallas proved that to us.

On tap tonight is the Red Wings VS the Canucks, with Jimmah in the crease. I'm still upset at my Wings for not being able to get one measly win the day before OR after my birthday, so no Geek's Winning Formula for them tonight! They can figure this shit out on their own for once. Maybe if they pull out a win, I'll forgive them...

Enjoy the game, Wingnuts! Let's Go Red Wings!!