Saturday, February 26, 2011

Catching Detroit on the Flip-Side, Looking for Mo' Show in Buffalo

Detroit (37-18-6) @ Buffalo (29-25-6)

Well, now. If we have offensive troubles tonight, there's something seriously wrong...!!

The Wings take on the Buffalo Sabres tonight. They are also getting back 2 forwards tonight, and I'm not talking about Patrick Eaves, either. That's right, Wingnuts: Val Filppula and Mike Modano are both back in the lineup tonight!! With this huge boost to the roster, it's looking cramped again, so there's no excuse now, boys. It's either play hard or sit down! I think coach Babcock should hold to this mentality and really stress hard work and determination on the ice, because I still feel we've been lacking that a lot lately.

The Sabres, much like the Wings, are not playing good hockey at home. Currently, Buffalo is 14-15-2 on home ice, and the Red Wings really need to take advantage of the time away from the JLA. Home cooking has done nothing for Detroit, dropping the last 2 homestands and allowing 4 goals in each game.

Now, I'm going to be a cheeseball and stick my Gold Star on Mike Modano. Ol' Mo has been itching to get back this season and he's finally able. I think he's going to want to prove he's still fit for a playoff run, starting tonight!

Less than an hour left as I write this, and there's nothing like Red Wings hockey and Kraft Dinner for supper.

Enjoy the game, Wingnuts! Lets' Go Red Wings!!