Friday, January 7, 2011

Corralling Calgary: Detroit Seeks Sweep of Season Series

Detroit (25-10-5) @ Calgary (18-20-3)

May not be following this one too closely, but the lucky shirt is on so I'm not too concerned. 2011 record is 1-0-0 with the shirt, 0-1-0 without, so I made sure it was put through the wash and ready for gametime.

The Red Wings can, as mentioned earlier, sweep Calgary tonight, but to think that this'll be easy would be beyond foolish. A couple of things to tighten up on for this game from previous matches in tonight's Geek's Winning Formula:

1.) Learn When to Draw Well - The Wings are losing key faceoffs, and it's been hurting them for days now. It's not that they've been atrocious at the dot in general, they've actually been holding their own quite well. It's the draws they -need- to win that they are -not- winning, and it's turning into goals, penalties, you name it!

2.) Communicate - Way too many bad decisions being made on the ice by guys not paying attention and being aware of where everyone is positioned. Cut it out, boys. The other team knows how to play hockey, you don't need to give them any handouts.

3.) Confidence - This stems from the Communication part, but the Red Wings need to make the effort to know where guys are so they can make those tough plays, like our bread-and-butter stretch pass, with higher completion percentages. That gets you in a rhythm, -that- gives you a little swagger to throw the opponent off balance.

Hoping to find out my lucky shirt is still undefeated in 2011, want to get a little streak going with it.

Enjoy the game, Wingnuts! Let's Go Red Wings!!