Friday, January 14, 2011

[Insert BJ joke here]

Wouldn't it figure that after waiting 4 days, the Red Wings are playing on the evening that I'm going out? Ah well...can't watch 'em all.

The Wings battle the BlueJackets tonight, Detroit has already taken the first 2 games of the series, and could use the 2 points tonight after a disappointing game in Colorado.

Here's the Geek's Winning Formula for tonight's affair:

1.) Start tightening the D - Very simple, you can't give up 4 goals in the 1st and expect to win a game, the Avs showed us that, and the BJ's will remind us of that if we let them.

2.) Shrug it off - One bad game doesn't mean anything. Two in a row might cause some concern. Start playing your game right away, Jimmah.

3.) Urgency - Please, boys, play like you care about the game. Fight for puck control and win some board battles, you -are- a puck possession team, are you not?

Thus far, my record with the lucky shirt is 3-1-0, my record without (which is the case tonight) is 0-1-0. Need to see the Wings win one for themselves, with skill and not luck.

Enjoy the game, Wingnuts! Let's Go Red Wings!!