Friday, October 8, 2010

Red Wings Pluck Ducks in Detroit Home Opener

Want Pavel Datsyuk's advice? Say no to thugs. The deceptive Detroit forward dodged and deked his way through the worst of the assault led by the Anaheim Ducks--including standing up to and bringing down the oh-so-manly Corey Perry in a tussle between the two--to help the Red Wings cruise to a 4-0 victory over one of the ugliest (in so many ways) teams in the league.

I was fortunate enough to get out of work early for this game, only missing a little bit of the first period. A huge thank you goes out to @uclajenn for helping get me setup part-way into the game when I was raging over trying to find a TV stream!! Everybody be sure to give her a follow on Twitter when you get the chance, she's a real sweetheart and a passionate Wingnut.

As for what I saw in this game, well...let me say that I simply could not stop grinning. This team is going to be scary--very, very scary.

I know it's only the first game, but look at how much we have to take away from this. The play I saw from this Red Wings squad tonight was the stuff of champions past. I really believe this team is as deep as it's been in years, maybe even more so than the '08 Cup team. These lines are ridiculous! Hank and Pav on the top line, Franzen and Bertuzzi leading the 2nd line convoy, a 3rd line center named MIKE MODANO? Are you kidding me?? This team is so deep they'll need to hand out life preservers before every game so people don't drown!!

And just look at the results: Modano scores in his first game as a Wing, we already see production from the top line, and defensively we put on a great show. Most importantly (to me), however, is the fact that this team went out tonight and showed 29 other teams that they are taking guff from Pav takes on Corey Perry and takes the win--however slight, Jimmah then shows Perry where he made Crosby kiss his equipment, and the Wings just all-around dealt with AND dished back the physicality. We dominated puck control, neutralized the opposition's physical game and were a defensive bulwark.

You know what this means, guys...? Detroit played a complete game. From start to finish. Full 60 minutes of hockey. I haven't seen THAT in years.

And that has to be the biggest reason why I'm excited this year.

Tomorrow night we go into Chicago to watch the half-banner go up for the full no wait, sorry, the FULL banner go up for the HALF-team that won it last year, and I think we have the kind of team this year that can start carrying momentum from game to game, so if I were you Blackhawks, I would be mighty worried about the showdown a little less than a day away.

Final Grade
Team Offense - A+: Got the job done and saw production across the roster.
Team Defense - A+: Shutout for Howard and kept the Ducks to less than half of the Wings shot total.
Team Intensity - A+++: It's been a long long time since I've seen the Wings this revved up, and it looks so, so good.

A better opener couldn't be asked for.

We'll see you tomorrow night Wingnuts!! Let's Go Red Wings!!!

New Season Starts Tonight for Red Wings

We waited all summer for this moment.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's finally here.

The Red Wings 2010-2011 season starts TONIGHT!!!

...and I have to work! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!??

Yeah, so I'm going to miss the opener due to work, so you can imagine how pissed of I am right now. I'm not going to get too deep into things tonight, as it's the first game, but here's what I DO have to say: Nothing I say, nothing anyone else says, can summarize this feeling every year of starting the hunt for Stanley anew. Boys, go out there and start this season strong, and I'll be with you in spirit with my Wings shirt on at the office!!

For the first of many times this season Wingnuts: Let's Go Red Wings!!!