Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wings Go Duck Hunting, Rout Anaheim 5-0

How's everyone's shoulders feel the day after?  Do they feel a little lighter?  I know mine do.

Detroit finally got the offensive ball rolling again and took the Anaheim Ducks to task, whipping them 5-0 on Saturday night.  Nicklas Lidstrom netted a pair, and Niklas Kronwall, Henrik Zetterberg, and Johan Franzen also found the back of the net, giving the Wings almost as many goals in one game as they'd gotten in their last 6.  Jimmy Howard also posted his 7th career shutout in the tilt.

I hope the Wings remember what they did last night and can carry into their next few games, because one win does not a solution make.  At the very least, the Wings did win in dominant fashion.  I would be much more concerned had Detroit simply held on to win a 1-0 game and still not found a way to score in bunches.  Also, what a relief to see the Mule take his own advice and shoot the puck!!  2 games he goes without putting a shot on net and he goes out last night and fires half a dozen Jonas Hiller's way.  Hopefully now that he's found the twine, he can continue to do so.  We're definitely going to need it to claw our way back to the top after that little stumble.

Next up: The Colorado Avalanche on Tuesday.

Class dismissed.