Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Geek's Stance on the Lockout 2012 Edition

So much has gone on over the last 2 months, and yet very little has actually happened.

I feel the need to come forward and at least voice my opinion on the subject of the current NHL labor dispute.  I just wish to put down my thoughts here at my cozy little home on the internet--mine which is the smallest of soapboxes--and assure everyone that I understand your frustration with this entire issue, whether we agree on the finer points or not.

"As far as the actual dispute goes, I still support the players. No matter what happens, I will always remember that THEY were the ones who were willing to move forward under the old CBA rules until the new one gets hammered out. Whether or not that would've been a good idea or not is irrelevant. The point is the players wanted to play, and the owners made the choice not to let them. I will not financially support a league that tries to fix greed with more greed."