Monday, March 4, 2013

Timely Mistakes Turn Tides on Wings, Lose 2-1 to Chicago

In what could end up being the most frustrating loss of the regular season so far, the Detroit Red Wings managed to go stride for stride with the league-leading Chicago Blackhawks for much of their match on Sunday.  The Wings took a late lead when Tomas Tatar scored in the 3rd to break a scoreless tie.  It looked as though the Red Wings would be the ones to finally snap Chicago's season-opening point streak.

Then, Jonathan Ericsson happened.

With mere minutes left to secure the win, Ericsson made the costly mistake of flinging the puck over the glass in defensive territory, resulting in the dreaded delay of game penalty, on which Chicago scored to tie with only 2 minutes left in regulation.  It did not get any better after that point.

Regulation ended, Chicago got to keep their little streak, and overtime solved nothing.  The game would go to a shootout, where the Blackhawks would score the lone goal, winning 2-1.