Thursday, February 23, 2012

Red Wings Regroup at Home, Host Canucks

Detroit (41-18-2) VS Vancouver (38-16-6)

So. Obviously the long homestand didn't do anything to help the Wings' play on the road...

Detroit returns to the Joe, after an uninspired showing in Chicago, to play host to the Canucks who are coming into this game thinking themselves Streak-Breakers.  Players have been quoted as saying that they HOPED Detroit's streak would still be alive by the time they got into town.

You know what I say? I say we make them regret wishing for it.

Kyle Quincey will suit up tonight for his new-old team as he returns to the Red Wings lineup, being paired, it seems, with Ericsson.  Have fun with that.

Coach Babcock was quoted as saying that the lines could be very jumbled tonight to try and stoke the fire under the boys with Datsyuk out, recovering from knee surgery.

I will most likely be missing the first part of the game, busying myself with drinking wine and inhaling many pieces of cheese.  I'm told I need to dress up for this.  I'm also told my Wings jersey does not qualify as 'dressing up' in this instance.

Till later, then! I'll be trolling Twitter once I get back.

Let's Go Red Wings!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Road Game, WHAT!? Wings-Hawks Mini-Preview

Detroit (41-17-2) @ Chicago (32-21-7)

The Wings play in Chicago tonight, with Jimmy Howard back in net! While Jimmah gets to make a return, though, Detroit will be without Pavel Datsyuk for at least 2 weeks due to knee surgery.  The Hawks will be without Toews.

With the game about to start, I'ma leave it with one important message:

Let's Go Red Wings!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wings Look to Keep Streak Alive, Host Sharks

Detroit (40-17-2) VS San Jose (31-18-7)

If there is a game left this season that Detroit needs to dominate, it's this one.

There are many important factors to the hosting of the San Jose Sharks this afternoon at the Joe Louis Arena.  One: the West is tight, and points are getting more and more valuable with every game.  The Wings still hold one of the higher games played totals, so W's are precious.  Two: A chance to break the multi-season consecutive home win record is on the line today.  More history could be made before suppertime.  Three: Detroit needs to stomp on the Sharks and send a message that NO team "has their number", and that these Wings will run with anyone come playoff time.

That's all that needs saying.  20 minutes to puck drop, Wings, you know what you need to do.  Let's go out and do it.

Let's Go Red Wings!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Detroit Begins Defense of Streak, Host Predators

Detroit (39-17-2) VS Nashville (33-18-6)

Now that the Red Wings have set the record, it's time to see how long we can extend it.  Detroit will face Nashville this evening, in a game where a win means their home winning streak will be increased to 22 games!

Henrik Zetterberg, who had been pegged to miss tonight's game, is now a game-time decision.

Bit of a quick one today, but that doesn't mean Detroit can take their foot off the gas, we need to keep piling up the points!!  I hope to catch most of the game after work.

Let's Go Red Wings!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wings Find Favor with Hockey Gods, Defeat Dallas 3-1

The Red Wings have claimed a piece of NHL history all for their own.

Detroit successfully defended JLA ice against the Dallas Stars and won their 21st consecutive home game--the most of any NHL team all-time--by a score of 3-1.  Brad Stuart scored the game-winning goal and Joey MacDonald came ever so close to earning a shutout in the victory.

Sadly, I was not able to watch the game, but my heart was with the Wings and I knew that Detroit had the talent to go out and win this game.

They did, and now they have the longest home winning streak ever in the NHL.

Now it's time to move on and continue trying to improve the regular season record to compete for playoff positioning.

It's been a great run, boys.  If it keeps going, that's great.  If it doesn't, the record is still all ours.

Let's Go Red Wings!!!

Will History be Kind or Cruel? Wings Attempt Record VS Stars

Detroit (38-17-2) VS Dallas (28-24-3)

No, this is not for the Cup, but this could still be a pretty special night.

Detroit, with 20 consecutive home wins under it's belt, a mark that ties the all-time NHL record, will try to take sole possession of the record when they play host this evening to the Dallas Stars.  Even though the Wings are trying not to think about the milestone, the match tonight is no less important as the last, with the playoff race for positioning is still as tight as it ever was.

For Mike Babcock and the Red Wings, it's another game and another chance for 2 valuable points.  To some, it may seem odd to not use the chance at breaking an NHL record as motivation, but Detroit didn't tie the record by going into each game and thinking, 'Hey, this gets us one game closer to tying the record!'.  The boys have simply kept the mentality of 'We do what we do.', nothing more, nothing less.

When it's all said and done tonight, may the history books show that the hockey gods had at least one more smile to shine down on this amazing run.

Let's Go Red Wings!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wings Go For 20 VS Philly: Game Preview

Detroit (37-17-2) VS Philadelphia (31-17-7)

For fans who enjoy milestones, it's nail-chewing time.

The Red Wings will defend home ice tonight against the Flyers for a chance to tie the all-time consecutive home wins record with their 20th straight home victory.  The task will certainly have its challenges, but I believe that, if Detroit plays their game, if they go out and simply do what they do, then Hockeytown will share in another piece of NHL history.

As if tying the record weren't enough, though, one must take into consideration the depth into which the season has gone.  A win tonight would add another huge 2 points to the Wings' total in a Western Conference that has been neck-and-neck for a while.  You mustn't forget that Detroit has played 56 games coming into tonight's match, tied for the most games played by any Western team currently in a playoff spot so far this season.  With division and conference rivals having games in hand, we need to keep piling up the W's until they pull even in GP.

For tonight's match, Joey MacDonald will likely get another start, as this game is far too important to trust Ty Conklin with.  Jo-Mac has been pretty solid over his last 3 starts, so he's got my vote to back up Jimmah when he returns, and hopefully can hold his ground this evening against the Flyers.

One thing that needs to change soon, however, is the low-scoring.  The Wings have been cutting these games way too fine, the last game against Anaheim was a great example.  We can't keep going to OT and the shootout for wins, because sooner or later, that puck-luck is gonna run out.  Early pressure, lots of shots on net, and hopefully--with a goal or two early on--we can watch Detroit build a lead that they can cushion as the game progresses.  It's been my experience as a Wings fan that this team is not good at defending a lead, so I prefer the boys simply keep playing like they don't have one.  Keep the gas pedal down all night on Philly and run them ragged.

We'll see what happens though, and we'll see how the history books remember this game.

Let's Go Red Wings!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Game Preview: Wings VS Ducks

Detroit (36-17-2) VS Anaheim (21-24-8)

Gotta get back on the go, here!

The Wings have a chance tonight to tie the 3rd longest home win streak in NHL history, but will have to do it without All-Star goalie Jimmy Howard when the Wings host the Anaheim Ducks.  Detroit can, with a victory this evening, stretch their home winning streak to 19 games.  They will be facing an Anaheim team that was not enjoyed the Joe Louis Arena atmosphere in a very long time.

It behooves the Wings to come out of the gate early in this one.  A quick start with a goal or two early in the 1st period would really help set the tone the Wings may need to cash in a W tonight.  With no Jimmah between the pipes, chances are Joey MacDonald will get the call to shut the door on the Ducks.  Ty Conklin, who was brought in to be the number 2 goalie has been nothing -but- number 2, his save percentage being the worst among goalies appearing in at least 10 games, as quoted by Yahoo! Sports.

Some of the guys really need to step up over the next few games and make a statement.  First among them, in my mind, is Henrik Zetterberg.  Hank notched a goal in Detroit's latest win over Edmonton, but it's not something he's done much of this season.  Danny Cleary and Drew Miller (11G respectively) have more goals than Z (10G) coming into this match. This is not ever supposed to happen. Ever.  We need a concerted effort and a solid mindset to not underestimate an Anaheim team that may be playing more for pride now than a playoff spot, and what a feather in their plucky cap it'd be to sabotage the Wings' hopes of moving toward the record for consecutive home wins.

I'll be keeping an eye on the game till I get home from work.  You may see me on Twitter when that happens, but I hope you enjoy the game regardless!

Let's Go Red Wings!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Recipe for better success

Damn well trade Conklin, he's goddamned useless, end of story.