Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Der Kaiser: Wings Re-sign Young Defenseman to 2-Year Deal

About damn time we get some news worth me writing about!!

Well, how was everyone's summer?  I must apologize to my readers, as I seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet for a few months, but I assure you it was all in the interest of me further pursuing my dreams.

...But let's be real, you don't wanna hear about that shit, DANNY DEKEYSER JUST GOT RE-SIGNED!! (If you actually wanna hear about that shit, just hit me up on Twitter)

The news is still pretty fresh, but it appears as though the young and talented Western Michigan graduate has agreed to a 2-year contract extension worth $4.375M.  My initial thought was, "Hey look! They paid him more than Kyle Quincey!" But that thought was quickly dashed when I realized we're throwing almost that whole amount at The Saboteur in EACH of his two years.  Perhaps I'll rant about that bullshit later, but let's focus on the positive side, shall we? Ah 'kay.

Let's face it, unless we have some kind of TERRIBLE case of misfortune with our up-and-coming young blueliner (Like THAT ever happens...right........??), Dekeyser is going to be our next top D-Man in the very near future.  He's already an excellent player in all 3 areas of the ice, and has a SLEW of amazing mentors in the organization to learn from.  While I'm happy as heck that Danny got signed, I--like many I noticed on Twitter--can't help but ask: Why the shit did it take THIS LONG to get a deal in place??  DK is going to be a defensive stud for many, MANY years to come, and considering that the Red Wings have never...let me repeat: much as attempted to fill the void left by Nicklas Lidstrom upon his retirement, a defender with this kind of potential is what we've sorely needed.  Now that we have him, we need to lock that shit up like he lives in Fort Knox.

The only real roster question left now is whether Daniel Alfredsson will be healthy enough to opt in for another kick at the Cup.  Then once that's settled, we can all pick sides and go to war about whether we think we've got a legit playoff team or if we're going to be a shit-show and miss the playoffs altogether!

Damn, I love this time of's good to be back, baby.