Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wings Visit Cindy-less Pens, Crybaby Still Bawling

Detroit (28-11-6) @ Pittsburgh (28-14-4)

My God, alright. I need to say this now before anything else, because it is driving me absolutely batshit: If Sidney Crosby skips the ASG after bitching that he's not getting enough special treatment, there had damn well better be a suspension waiting for him. Plain and simple, Lidstrom and Datsyuk were made examples of last time by having the audacity to want to heal their injuries instead of play in a pointless match and potentially worsen their injuries. They took 1-game bans for it. If Sid the Bitch doesn't get the same punishment and gets a free pass from the ASG, I will be screaming bloody murder for days on end.

So what's it gonna be, NHL? If Sid throws a tantrum and holds his breath on the All-Star Game, are you going to promote the idea that you really are going for all-around parity and suspend him a game? Or are you going to prove to us what we already believe: that the NHL cares more about specific teams and players than others, and to hell with you if you don't see the logic in it?

And where in the HELL does he get off "endorsing" Lidstrom's naming for ASG captaincy? You're 2 decades too young to be pulling that stunt, son. Come back when you've played 20 years and maybe still successful. Until then, keep that ugly-ass mouth of yours shut about my Red Wings.

Can you guess that I'm glad that we're playing the Penguins tonight?

Here's The Geek's Winning Formula:

1.) Play the Full Game - Last 2 games we came out and gave up an early 2-0 lead against in both contests. Hard to win games doing that. As was evidenced in the outcome of both games, it doesn't always work out in your favor.

2.) Focus More Defensively - Guys, remember, it's still J-Mac in net! McCollum goes in if we have to pull Joey. Let's try and keep the opposing chances to a minimum, please!!

3.) Control with Simplicity - Way too many cutesy plays being made by the Wings, and recently they haven't been working well. Until they do, drive the net, put pucks on the goalie and look for dirty rebounds. Take a page from Drew Miller's book a few days ago, he's giving you all a great eample of how you should be looking for scores.