Monday, December 19, 2011

Wings Stand Firm in Oiltown, Edge Edmonton 3-2

Well, that was a harrowing evening!

Drew Miller came through for the Red Wings in the final frame and once again scored the game-winning goal against the Edmonton Oilers, holding on for a 3-2 win.  Danny Cleary and Jiri Hudler also scored for Detroit in a game that, in some instances, the Wings could have let slip away.

I say this because there have been similar games played by Detroit that they HAVE let slip away from them.  It's nice to see that Detroit is learning to better adapt when things don't go as planned, like against Los Angeles.  Jimmy Howard was solid again tonight, helping keep the Wings on top with his 20th win of the season, making him the 1st goalie to hit that mark this year.

Couple of thoughts on the game: As I already mentioned, this was a game that the Wings could have let get away from them, what with the speed and raw talent of the youthful Oilers squad.  Thankfully, hard work and experience proved the determining factor in this contest.

The bottom 2 forward lines have just been stellar of late, and it just proves again that a team with depth is a force to be reckoned with.  Coach Babcock has to be grinning inside when he can roll all 4 lines and get production from each one, without having to worry about leaning on the superstars to generate offense.

Now, the Red Wings will head to Vancouver for a date with the Canucks, and a chance to start moving above .500 on the road!

Class dismissed

Oh, and also: Apologies to the Jonny fans, but Ericsson was garbage [again] tonight, my ire is further risen.