Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Report: Modano will Come Home, Sources Say

Finally some news!! I'll take anything at this point...!!

Sources are coming in now stating that Mike Modano has made his decision. The Free Press has reported that the former Dallas Star icon has chosen to come to the Red Wings and make the announcement on Thursday via a text sent by Modano on Monday.

No one is confirming a signing as of yet, mostly because sources do not wish to steal the thunder of the above-mentioned announcement later in the week. This does, however, seem to clinch it: Mike Modano will be a Red Wing this season. He will likely be signing for the $1.25 Million that was offered him already, and he will likely be in command of the 3rd line.

My Opinion: I have been skeptical abut the idea of Modano coming to Detroit. I admit I still am a bit skeptical, but I've had enough time to think things over and have decided that I'm willing to give Mike a chance. Centering the 3rd line does exactly what I wanted: it creates 3 legit scoring lines, 3 separate threats on the ice to score some goals, much more like past Wings teams that did lots of winning. It would also be nice to see Modano out in a 2nd PP role as well, to hopefully add some much needed improvement to what I felt was a dismal PP squad altogether last season.

I'll be waiting to hear the news on Thursday. Hopefully now we can finish signing the rest of our boys to contracts!!