Monday, June 21, 2010

NHL Wants Wings at ChiTown Banner-Raising? Fine By Me!

So it seems from what I've seen hearing across the internets that Detroit is going to be playing Chicago in the Hawks' home opener. The Red Wings will be subjected to the ungodly amounts of lingering bandwagoners squealing their lungs out for the remaining 5 players from the actual Stanley Cup Champion team who will still be on the roster come time for the game. Detroit will also watch the raising of the banner into the rafters and wonder why the hell it looks so barren and sparse up there, then remember that it's a road game and they aren't playing in the JLA.

Some Wings fans seem distressed/annoyed/violently ill about the fact that we have to be there for the Blackhawks' banner-raising game. Me? I love it. We get to beat the piss out of a team whose fanbase can't get over their obsession with the Wings (Really...that stupid chant even went off during your Cup parade? Somebody's missing the poooint...). In the midst of this, we get to ruin Chicago's big party for having done what everyone bitched that the Wings do: buy their Cup win.

My ideal scenario at the end of this game? An 11-4 Wings victory. Just sayin'.