Sunday, May 9, 2010

That's it for 09-10: League Finally Eliminates Wings

I said it on Twitter last night and I'll say it again here: in a league that seeks for the better teams to fail for the sake of 'parity', the Red Wings gave us quite a show this season. There have been a lot of ups and downs and unfortunately the ride has come to an end for Detroit this season.

To the Wings I say: Thank you for everything you do and have done. You will always be my boys and I will never abandon Hockeytown, no matter what rough times may be in store. We will weather it together. Get some well-deserved rest and get pumped for next season, because I know I will!!

To the League I say: I hope you're satisfied. You've prevented Detroit from advancing and have made sure there will be a new Western Conference Champion for the first time in two years. You cam talk and go on and deny it, but the fact remains that you're nothing more than a rat's nest full of money-grubbing talking-heads who don't give a shit about the game itself, just the revenue it brings in. We all know you think powerhouse teams are bad for business, that's why I expect *you will allow* Boston or Montreal or San Jose to win the Cup this year. Gotta spread it around, eh Gary...?

To my fellow fans I say: It's been a wonderful season for Red Wings hockey, and you were no small part in that. I've come to know so many great people in not only the Red Wings blogosphere, but in its Twitterverse as well. Drew from NOHS, thanks for putting my name out there from time to time on Winging it, whether my stupid little rants deserve that much attention is still up in the air, but I appreciate your part in making me feel like one of the gang. Herm, if you're reading this I want you to know how ecstatic I was when I first learned H2H had hit target and you were coming to Hockeytown. My only regret is being in a situation that prevented me from being there with all of you during the festivities, but I'm thrilled that everything went so well. And to everyone (far too many to list individually) who has been a friend or reader of my blog or a Twitter commentator when I couldn't catch the game live: very simply and sincerely I say thank you for everything.

Finally to the haters who may or may not read this I say: Talk it up now, but your time is coming. You think we're whiners and tinfoil hat wearing babies? I just hope for your sake your team is still competing, since now that Detroit is out someone else has to fill the void of 'team the league has to shaft through the officials'. I hope it's your team, Mr./Mrs. Hater, because when your team goes down 2 games due to poor calls and reviewed goals, and when it's YOUR team that gets eliminated by a missed headshot to one of your best guys...we will be here. Red Wings Nation will be here when it's you whining about the bias and the unfairness, and we will be sure to tell you "we told you so."

So another year is in the books, and I conclude my first season of blogging. I kind of jumped in partway through but I admit, it's been a lot of fun! I will be around, likely posting 'insight' and my opinions (more like it) on what goes on during the offseason, including the big questions of Lidstrom's potential retirement and the eventual return of Happy Jiri Hudler.

So that's all for this season! This is The Datsyukian Geek, and the class of 2009-2010 is dismissed.