Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wings Bring Out Leaf Blower, Topple Toronto; Howard Injury Concerns

Well, it was almost a great game last night.

Usually I would have no complaints about trouncing the Maple Leafs 4-2, effectively driving the nail in their coffin with regards to a playoff berth. Not everything went according to plan, however. Jiri Hudler scored the game-winning goal a mere 38 seconds after the Leafs' Joffrey Lupul tied the game on a play which saw him bowl over Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard, landing atop the face-down Howard, and sweeping the puck into the net. To no one's surprise, the goal was allowed perhaps simply due to the fact that the goal scorer was not named Holmstrom, but the goal was the least of Detroit's concerns. Jimmy Howard had been hurt during the play.

Howard was seen leaving the ice slowly, reaching up toward the right side of his upper body. There still has not been conclusive information revealed as to the extent of the injury, however Red Wings GM Ken Holland has mentioned that he and the staff believe the injury is not as bad as initially feared, referring to it as a possible strain or sprain of his shoulder. Howard will be checked out to be certain that the injury is minimal.

If you're like me, then you're praying that minimal is the conclusion the doctors come back with. With Chris Osgood still hampered by a lingering hernia, we're faced with that dread-filled possibility of Joey MacDonald becoming our #1 goaltender temporarily. This leaves the Wings with two options if something major is found to be wrong with Howard: Either Detroit tries to push ahead Osgood's return, which is currently slated for the last 2 games of the season, and try to get him back in form for the playoffs OR the Wings let Ozzie rest completely, give Joey MacDonald the starts to round out the season and bring Osgood in fresh for the postseason. Pick your poison.

This is just speculation, and it does sound like the Howard injury is minor, but I'll still be concerned until I finally hear that Jimmy is cleared to play again.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Detroit Dances with Nashville

Detroit (43-20-8) @ Nashville (36-25-10)

The Red Wings, who have found themselves on the right side of the scoreboard recently, look to keep with the pattern of success when they visit the Predators. Jimmy Howard, who is currently tied for the lead in goaltender wins with Carey Price at 34, will get the nod this evening.

In related news, it seems my man Pavel Datsyuk will be missing tonight's game, which saddens me like the loss of a firstborn child.* I always hate seeing Dats miss time, not only because of how good he is by himself, but how much he helps improve the team as a whole.
*(Merely being jovial, apologies to anyone who has lost a firstborn son.)

Also, it's been confirmed that Johan Franzen will also miss tonight's game due to "wear and tear".

Hopefully there's still plenty of spark in the Wings who remain healthy, we need to keep this run going!

Enjoy the game, Wingnuts! Let's Go Red Wings!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wings Hope to Clip Caps at Home

Detroit (41-20-8) VS Washington (41-20-10)

The Red Wings face an unfamiliar foe tonight as they take to the ice at Joe Louis Arena to square off with the Washington Capitals. Detroit has been making a good effort of recovering from their recent 4 game winless streak and look to maintain their winning ways this evening against a very hot Washington squad.

Jimmy Howard, who was likely looking forward to getting decent help in net with the return of Chris Osgood, is undoubtedly groaning in his mind as Joey MacDonald was called up today to play backup. Osgood is apparently still feeling soreness from the sports hernia that has kept him out of the lineup since mid-January.

Washington won on the road last night against a persistent Canadiens team, and have stretched their current win streak to 9 games. It is without a doubt that the Caps will come out hungry to keep their streak alive. It's up to the Red Wings to shut down the cruising Capitals and earn another important 2 points to keep San Jose off their tail.

Enjoy the game, Wingnuts! Let's Go Red Wings!!

Oh, and just to add, no lucky shirt tonight. Here's how the records look going into tonight:


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wings Look to Get Over a Different set of Blues

Detroit (40-20-8) @ St. Louis (31-28-9)

Quick update today, work stuff has me crazy lately.

The Red Wings finally snapped their 4 game winless streak last night against Edmonton, and now look to start a pattern of winning as they take on the Blues.

Jimmy Howard will get the go again tonight, and the noly line information Coach Babcock has revealed is that Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg will not be paired up on the road.

St. Louis is on the wrong side of .500 in their last 10, going 4-6-0. This is a good chance for Detroit to take an easy 2 points; then again, weren't we all thinking that abut the Oilers?

Enjoy the game, Wingnuts! Let's Go Red Wings!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wings Need Remedial Lesson in Urgency - Wings/Coyotes Pre-Game

Detroit (39-19-7) @ Phoenix (33-23-10)

Class is in session, Red Wings, and I hope you're listening. Absence from this class will NOT be tolerated!

Detroit takes on Phoenix tonight and I, for one, hope that we can begin to scrape our dignity off the pavement, because I've gotten fed up with not seeing any dignity on the ice. There's not one player, down to the last man, who is not a target of this lashing. Let me spell it out for you, Wings: You are -not- competing! You have one and all been lazy, unenergetic, cowardly, hesitant and sloppy in your play over the last slew of games and it's embarrassing. It's embarrassing for you, because you are a team far superior to the product you've been putting on the ice recently, and it's embarrassing for us fans who already damn well know that exact same thing!

I understand there are still some injuries, but guess what? That's not an excuse. We don't have near the injuries now that we had 2 months ago, and we somehow managed then, didn't we? If I were coach Babcock, I'd start thinking about whose asses are going to be warming the bench the most, because if my players aren't going to show up to play, I don't want them playing.

Now...Phoenix is 5-4-1 coming into this match tonight. They're middle-of-the-road right now, and there's no reason why good, hard play won't bury the Desert Dogs this evening. Think you can muster that for once, guys...?

Since Detroit seems to need my guidance -so- much (Detroit has lost 3 of the last 4 games I have NOT done a Winning Formula for after putting up a 5 game winning streak previously...), guess what's making a comeback?

Ears open, Red Wings! It's The Geek's Winning Formula!

1.) Shoot! ...Please? - It's come down to begging, now. I'm castrated before you, beseeching you, my boys, to PLEASE SHOOT THE PUCK! Remember that adage from that guy, uh...oh yes, Wayne Gretzky? The one about missing 100% of the shots you don't take? Could we make that a mantra for tonight's affair...? Thanks.

2.) Create Pressure - Really, Detroit, this one and done stuff has got to end. When you -do- take shots, there is nobody jumping to loose pucks, it just gets lapped up the the opposition defense and cleared San Jose showed us what creating pressure looks like at the start of Thursday's game, and we let it turn into complete domination numerous times, guys getting caught in the defensive zone for shifts upwards of 2:15!! Hope you watched the tape and took some notes, boys...

3.) Chemistry: Not Just for Geeks - This one is easy, fellas: Work together instead of trying to be a hero. If the chincey pass isn't going to work, don't force it. It still isn't going to work. If you can't push the play forward, send the puck to a teammate who has a better chance. Please, just stop with these high-risk maneuvers that HAVE NOT BEEN WORKING. Maybe when you boys get used to the simple stuff again, the more difficult plays will start o, oh I dunno, come naturally again...?

60 minutes of smart, determined hockey wins the day 9 times out of 10. Any less effort than that costs you the day 8 days out of 7.

Rant over...for now. Now, let's see what happens next.

Enjoy the game, Wingnuts! Let's Go Red Wiugs!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Geeks need better Sleep Patterns Than This - Wings/Sharks Pre-Game

Detroit (39-18-7) @ San Jose (37-21-6)

Quick pre-game, I'm hoping the Wings put more effort into their play tonight than I do my preview.

Detroit visits the Shark Tank tonight, hoping for a better result than the last meeting with San Jose. Joey MacDonald will get the start in goal, which scares the crap out of me. Then again, Jimmy Howard hasn't been brilliant against the Sharks, so there wouldn't be much solace there, either.

Gold Star Prediction: Henrik Zetterberg

Hoping for the best! No lucky shirt again tonight, trying to build up some magic for the playoffs.

Enjoy the game, Wingnuts! Let's Go Red Wings!!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ready for Another Late Night? Wings-Ducks Preview

Detroit (39-18-6) @ Anaheim (33-25-5)

I'm still recovering from the L.A. game and now we have to break curfew again tonight to watch a matchup between the Red Wings and the Ducks!

Jimmy Howard will get the start tonight, and has done exceptionally well against Anaheim this season (winning all 3 previous starts, two resulting in shutouts), so I'm expecting a good performance on the heels of his new contract extension and in lieu of his...whatever that was at the end of the Kings game...

Gold star prediction has to go to the new papa, Johan Franzen. Maybe this is what he was waiting for all this time, now he'll explode with another 5-goal game and dedicate it to his new baby boy!

5 points back of Vancouver heading in tonight, let's get the win and close the gap!

Enjoy the game, Wingnuts! Let's Go Red Wings!!