Thursday, February 23, 2012

Red Wings Regroup at Home, Host Canucks

Detroit (41-18-2) VS Vancouver (38-16-6)

So. Obviously the long homestand didn't do anything to help the Wings' play on the road...

Detroit returns to the Joe, after an uninspired showing in Chicago, to play host to the Canucks who are coming into this game thinking themselves Streak-Breakers.  Players have been quoted as saying that they HOPED Detroit's streak would still be alive by the time they got into town.

You know what I say? I say we make them regret wishing for it.

Kyle Quincey will suit up tonight for his new-old team as he returns to the Red Wings lineup, being paired, it seems, with Ericsson.  Have fun with that.

Coach Babcock was quoted as saying that the lines could be very jumbled tonight to try and stoke the fire under the boys with Datsyuk out, recovering from knee surgery.

I will most likely be missing the first part of the game, busying myself with drinking wine and inhaling many pieces of cheese.  I'm told I need to dress up for this.  I'm also told my Wings jersey does not qualify as 'dressing up' in this instance.

Till later, then! I'll be trolling Twitter once I get back.

Let's Go Red Wings!!