Saturday, December 11, 2010

Preview: Red Wings get First Chance for Curly Fries this Season

Detroit (18-6-3) @ New Jersey (8-18-2)

After going winless in three before last night's game, it's safe to assume Detroit is not considering any team as an easy matchup. The Wings travel to Jersey for a date with the Devils. While they may not look like much in the standings, don't ever count out a team playing one of the most successful goalies in hockey. Reports show it'll be Osgood VS Brodeur in the clash of the creasemen tonight, with Ozzie still looking for win 399, which would be win #1 in New Jersey for the veteran netminder who has never left the city with a W.

To bring that W home, let's look at The Geek's Winning Formula:

1.) Better Backchecking - The Wings have giving up a few goals that could have been saved if backcheckers were skating better. Our transition game has only been good one way, and I say good because even offensive transitions haven't been stellar. If it must come to pass that we give up the puck here and there, we have to have guys skating hard back down the ice for support for the D-men.

2.) Focus on the Face-Off - That first goal last night? That was piss poor communicating by the Wings on the draw. We can't go screwing up assignments like that, no wonder we've been shitting the bed in draws this season...! Someone on the CBC feed last night said it best: Play the draw like you're going to lose, at least then, you're setup for that scenario. If you win it...well great!

3.) Traffic, Traffic, Traffic! - I can't say this enough. It's been working more than the cutesy plays, boys! I know you don't like doing it, but that's the way it is. The Red Wings need to drive harder to the net. Screens and redirects and muscling to the goal have been a huge part of our offense this year. Dats had it right last night with the beauty he scored: he wanted the goal and he wasn't letting ANYTHING stand in his way.

Running to the liquor store then sitting down for the game!

And, oh yeah, guess what? CURLY FRIES ARE BACK!!!