Saturday, April 9, 2016

We're Not Dead Yet, and Neither am I

I feel like an apology is in order.

Life can so quickly get in the way of the things you love that, before you know it, the season is almost over and you realize that you haven't published any material since the start of the season.  I didn't want it to be this way; however, at the same time as this feeling of an apology being necessary, I realize it is not.  I have a beautiful baby girl who amazes me daily and makes my life more complete than it's ever been, a loving wife who is there for me no matter what, and friends that would bend over backwards for my family in a time of need, whenever that might be.  I'm doing pretty well for myself.

But enough about me.

I'm here, we're here, and the Red Wings are here, on this final day of our regular season.  We are as close to the brink as we are to the promised land, and which way we go will be determined over the course of the next three hours or so.  It's all so simple:

Win. One. Game.

Nothing fancy, just a W in the column, by hook or by crook.  Win and you're in.  Yes, there are other scenarios, but I don't care.  Detroit had a shot in Boston and blew it, that should be the wake-up call.  Let it be.  Let that humiliating defeat rally you to grater heights and a postseason berth.  Get revenge on the Bruins in the best way possible: by closing the door on their playoff hopes in their faces.

I believe.  Deep down, we all believe under however much cynicism or objective reasoning we put out there into the aether.  We believe in our Red Wings, so please, Red Wings: Reward our faith and get it done today.