Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wings Look to Make Blues See Red

Detroit (19-7-3) VS St. Louis (14-9-5)

After a disappointing loss to Los Angeles, the Red Wings will need to bring the same heat to the Joe tonight and hope that they run into a much colder goalie when Jaroslav Halak and the Blues come to town.

Detroit put 51 shots on Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick, but Quick's performance was fast and furious, shutting the Red Wings out for the first time this season. The Wings hope to bounce back from this, and to do so against the Blues, they'll need to remember a few things that are summed up in that segment we like to call The Geek's Winning Formula:

1.) Don't Give Up on Shooting - Wouldn't it just figure that the game the Red Wings listen to me about shooting more, they get shut out? Detroit can't give up on this, though! They had the right idea, but just ran into the wrong goalie at the wrong time. I would love to see another goalie stand up to 51 Red Wings shots and not give up at least 2 goals, if not more.

2.) Shake it Off - Jimmy Howard is starting again tonight, so he needs to put the past in the past. I'm sure he has little trouble doing this, but it never hurts to mention it, you never know. We need Jimmah to get back to his regular sparkling form to keep the gap between the Wings and the West nice and wide.

3.) Break the Huddles Hex - Honestly, Babs, if you're going to waste a roster space on Jiri Hudler, you damn well better find something that turns into pucks in the net. Hudler has 1 point since November 17. 1 POINT! We could play anyone in his spot and they could get at least a point in a month. I'm sick of waiting for this offensive boost Jiri's return was supposed to herald. It hasn't, so if one of the best coaches in the NHL can't help him, sit him the hell down and get ready to cut him loose for something better.

I'll miss the start of the game, but I should only be absent for the 1st period at most.

Enjoy the game, Wingnuts! Let's Go Red Wings!!