Friday, December 31, 2010

Wings Hope to Close 2010 with a Bang VS NYI

Detroit (24-9-4) VS New York [Islanders] (10-19-6)

Just in time, thank god I woke up before the game...really haven't been well these last few days.

The Red Wings end the year with a match with the Islanders, who tromped all over Detroit 6-0 the last time the two teams faced off. Let's see if we can't turn that score around this time and end 2010 on the really good note!

With it so close to gametime, I'm going to mix it up and come back to update my thoughts between each period, so stay tuned, Wingnuts, there's more to come!!

Let's Go Red Wings!!

1st Period

(7:28 EST) - Wings are looking better after a pair of flat PP chances. Mule just scored off a nice, quick feed from Hank, Wings up 1-0. SOG are 9-0.

(7:32) - Bert just ran over Roloson out-of-crease and the Islanders got their own PP, scoring on their first shot. The Wings need to keep applying pressure here and not let this deflate them early.

(7:42) - The Wings are doing well at clogging up the neutral zone, but are lagging a bit when the Isles do manage to get into Detroit's end. Need to keep New York's shot total down and keep to their style of play.

2nd Period

(8:14) - Passed out for the start of the period, nice to see there's been no more damage done, but sad to see Detroit hasn't been able to score in almost 10 minutes of play...

(8:22) - Just had a big chance on the PP but Dwayne Roloson robbed Kronner. Still finding the Wings are passing WAY too much on the PP and not driving the net looking for rebounds.

(8:32) - Wings are looking slow out there now, and VERY bad on the draw. Another bad faceoff just went in the net, 3-1 Isles right now with the period about to end.

3rd Period

(8:58) - Invited out to a NYE party and have to leave early, I'll leave you with this thought that I brought up on Twitter: The Islanders have been making much better choices when a scoring chance presents itself. The Wings need to take notes and start doing the same. Cut the cute passing crap and drive the net, drive Roloson crazy, and get some more pucks past him. Also? Start winning some damned defensive zone faceoffs!!

I have faith, boys! Don't let your fans down!!