Friday, November 26, 2010

Cram Session Preview: Wings @ Jackets

Running late to get this up by gametime, so here we go!

Detroit (13-4-2) @ Columbus (14-6-0)

The Red Wings were horrible last game, and they better get their act together tonight, as the Bluejackets are tied for points with Detroit and holding on to good playoff positioning early will help us down the stretch. No sense giving up the division lead now!

Here's a quick Geek's Winning Formula!

1.) Tighten the Defense! - I'm glad I missed the last game, because the numbers spoke for themselves: minuses across the board tell me that there weren't just a few guys having defensive breakdowns, the whole team was swiss cheese. We can't keep relying on scoring 4-5 goals per game to win hockey games. Sooner or later, we need to start shutting down opposing offenses.

2.) Communicate! - It just seems like in most scenarios, the Red Wings aren't communicating well. sure we see bursts of greatness that lead to 4 goals in a period, but there just seems to be so many miscues between players, bad and missed passes, missed assignments, etc. Detroit needs to simplify and start looking for each other, be aware of where YOU are and where your TEAMMATES are.

3.) Break the Huddles Hex - Okay, Jiri, you got your laugh. We benched you to punish you for poor play, and the whole team melted down. Now it looks like Rex will be back in tonight, and now would be a great time for him to reverse his fortunes. Give us a hand here and get some offense going so other people can worry abut playing more defensively!

10 minutes to puckdrop!

Enjoy the game, Wingnuts! Let's Go Red Wings!!