Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wings Meet Stevie Y for First Time as Bolts GM

Detroit (34-16-6) @ Tampa Bay (34-17-6)

It's been coming for a while, and whether most people want to admit it or not, they will feel something when it comes gametime tonight. Detroit takes on the Tampa Bay Lightning this evening under General Manager Steve Yzerman, better known in Hockeytown circles as, "The Captain".

Steve has put together an intriguing team when you look at their numbers. They sit atop their division and are 2nd in the East for points, yet their goal differential is a mind-boggling -1. In comparison, the Wings are sitting 2nd in the West, but have a GD of +24. It truly seems this Bolts team we face tonight is being modeled after our beloved Captain: All heart and determination.

That's what could make this match a tough one. So, with that, let's get to The Geek's Winning Formula!

1.) Prepare to Battle - Detroit is going to need to come out fierce tonight and win those puck battles. Tampa has as many points as the Wings without being a dominant offensive or defensive force, so it's clear that the Lightning have simply been making earnest efforts in key areas and are focussed on coming out hard.

2.) Control Emotion - It's going to be a rough game, so the Red Wings need to be careful of getting to nasty when push comes to shove. Keep the dumb penalties to a minimum and match grit for grit, effort for effort. I'm expecting a game where the refs will have the whistles ready to go at any time tonight.

3.) Be Aware - Once we get control of the puck, our boys need to keep it moving, be it forward, backward, or laterally. Make Tampa chase the puck, and make sure they rarely catch up to it. I feel like the more grinding that takes place in this game, the worse it'll be for us, not them.

Should be an interesting game, hope to hear from you all on Twitter during the broadcast!

Enjoy the game, Wingnuts! Let's Go Red Wings!!

UPDATE: By the way, lucky shirt is on tonight! Here are the respective records as of tonight:
Lucky Shirt: 6-3-0
No Lucky Shirt: 4-3-1