Monday, April 15, 2013

Despite Sunday Win, Detroit's Destiny Still Undetermined

The Red Wings skated into Nashville yesterday evening, played 60 minutes of pretty darn good hockey, and skated out with two points.  The elation most Wings fans got from that is a foreign concept.  We're giddy about one win against the PREDS!? Yes, yes we are, because that win kept us relevant.

Detroit's victory last night retook the 8th and final spot from the Dallas Stars, who had leap-frogged Detroit. The Wings are now tied in points with 7th seed Minnesota, but lose the ROW tie-break, and are thus still holding the final spot in the West.  With three teams hot on their heels, the Wings got it done when it really counted.  A loss on Sunday could have been catastrophic.

Henrik Zetterberg, Johan Franzen, and Justin Abdelkader scored against Nashville and Jimmy Howard recorded another shutout in the win.  It was a VERY welcome sight to be Hank and Mule scoring.  These are the guys who need to get it going, along with Datsyuk and--to a greater extent--Filppula. Our bottom 6 are grinding as best they can and doing a good job, now we need our top 6 to turn up the offense and start lighting the lamp more consistently.

By the time Wednesday rolls around and the Wings play their next match against Calgary, it's hard to say where Detroit will sit in the standings.  One thing is for sure though: if we get more efforts like Sunday's to close out this season, Red Wings fans would sleep much more soundly at night.