Friday, October 8, 2010

New Season Starts Tonight for Red Wings

We waited all summer for this moment.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's finally here.

The Red Wings 2010-2011 season starts TONIGHT!!!

...and I have to work! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!??

Yeah, so I'm going to miss the opener due to work, so you can imagine how pissed of I am right now. I'm not going to get too deep into things tonight, as it's the first game, but here's what I DO have to say: Nothing I say, nothing anyone else says, can summarize this feeling every year of starting the hunt for Stanley anew. Boys, go out there and start this season strong, and I'll be with you in spirit with my Wings shirt on at the office!!

For the first of many times this season Wingnuts: Let's Go Red Wings!!!