Friday, March 26, 2010

Mule Shows Minnesota Who's Really Wild

"We got out there, got rollin' was a good effort by our team, we didn't have to overplay guys...when you got a good team, lots of guys can contribute." - Coach Mike Babcock

It was a good night for contributions, apparently. The Detroit Red Wings exploded for six goals, the most they've tallied in a game since November, as they pounded the Minnesota Wild 6-2. Johan Franzen was good for two goals and two assists tonight which gave The Mule his first four-point night of his career. On the other side of the glass, we had the "Herm 2 Hockeytown" group in the stands to watch their Wings perform their best in four months. The H2H project raised over a whopping $5000.00 for DMC Children's Hospital along with bringing Brazilian Wingnut Guilherme Calciolari to Detroit to see his favorite team play live. All of this puts the Wings at 89 points on the year, tied with Colorado for 7th and only two points out of 5th spot, currently held by Nashville who they play tomorrow.

Let's look at the keys to victory!

1.) Run with The Big 3 - Well, I guess if this key didn't get met, watching the 1st line explode for a change is a welcome substitute!! Datsyuk, Franzen and Holmstrom combined for eight points against the Wild, splitting goals and assists evenly. This shows that Babs can confidently keep the lines as they are, because it's not just The Big 3 kicking it up a notch now!!

2.) FIX THE $#@&ing PP!! - Finally the Wings start converting again!! Detroit pocketed two powerplay goals, going 2 for 9 with the man-advantage. I know the Wings got a shortie tonight, but that's not something we can count on all the time. We SHOULD be able to count on the boys taking advantage of a 5 on 4 or 5 on 3. 2 for 9 still isn't pretty, but it'll do for now.

3.) Clean up the Garbage - Redirections, guys in front, the Wings got right in Minnesota's face tonight and man, did it ever work. This is the kind of play I'm talking about, being able to switch from the finesse game to the dirty, grinding style that gets under a team's skin. You know what that grinding style can do? Create powerplays. We saw a bit of that, now didn't we?

All in all, this was the best game thus far to convince me that MY Wings are back. The West better watch out, because the Red Wings aren't as dead in the water as everyone thought they were. Hope you have money saved away for your playoff tickets, because we're going back for round 19. Good night Wingnuts and Let's Go Red Wings!!!