Saturday, March 20, 2010

Preview: Wings @ Canucks

Detroit (34-23-13), Vancouver (44-24-3)

Well, after a terrible effort last night, the Red Wings hope to get a fresh start this evening when they invade the home of the 2010 Olympics to faceoff against the Canucks, whose own version of the Eurotwins have helped their team garner a comfortable pile of points in the West.

Pre-Game Three Keys:

1.) Shake it Off! - The Wings cannot dwell on the disappointing loss last night. Detroit needs to come out fresh if they want to give the Canucks, who are a much better team than Edmonton, a run for their money.

2.) Hit 'em Hard - The big boys in D-Town need to throw the body!! It's been the story of too many games that Detroit simply gets muscled off the puck and loses possession before mounting any offense, and that's fatal to a "puck possession team".

3.) Hit 'em Fast - Detroit should look to its opponent last night for one thing: Edmonton took it to the Wings early and it rewarded them with two goals within five minutes. Those five minutes made the game for the Oilers, can could make the game for the Red Wings, should they mount the same kind of early charge.

I'll be at work today, but I'll likely be on Twitter tonight for the game. Till then, Go Red Wings!!