Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coyotes Tear up Shoddy Detroit Defense, Take Game 3

I just...

I keep looking for words to express how disappointing today's loss was. There's numerous reasons for it, not least of which being we had home-ice advantage as well as the momentum from the previous game. Let me get The Geek's Winning Formula out of the way first, in the same way that Detroit should have put away this game: simple and succinct.

1.) Haunt Bryzgalov - Failure, went the other way around today, I think. The reason Detroit failed here? More leaning towards that ice-dancing-while-carrying-a-stick routine they love to use from time to time.

2.) The Big 3 - Still made a splash, but one line won't carry any team by itself. Too much work was not done by the rest of the roster for a W today.

3.) The Baby Bear Plan - It was so hard to watch this game that I couldn't really gauge which side of the right mix the Wings fell off, but they fell, and hard. Bad passing, lack of coverage, atrocious turnovers. Overall pathetic effort as a team in whole.

Not pressing the panic button just yet, but wow am I ever concerned that Detroit dropped this game. When you manage to take out a team's Captain without any reprimand, you need to seal that game up. The Wings looked more like they were sorry for Doan being taken out of the game and gave Phoenix Game 3 as a present, and it feels like they just ruined my birthday by doing so (no, it's not my birthday).

Now that I can keep food down again, I'm going to get me some supper and brood about this embarrassing game. Here's to a much improved Game 4, Wingnuts!! Let's Go Red Wings!!!


Matthew said...
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Michael Smith said...

The Red Wings looked like a team just going through the motions. The Coyotes looked like they genuinely wanted to win.

While I fully am on board with the decision to use Howard in goal in the playoffs, I think he needs to find another gear. Step it up. In the playoffs sometimes the goalie needs to carry the team for a little bit. A couple of big saves could have been game changers.

I've been really impressed with the Coyotes Czech line (Vrbata, Pucha and some other guy?). Anyway, they've been real effective at both ends. Props to them for taking it to the Wings.

Matthew said...

Is it just me, or does it seem like the Coyotes are spot on with their passing? They just seemed so in sync. The players knew where their wingman or defensive man would be, made the pass when being pinched and got behind the Wings to put the shots, and goals, at the net. The Wings need to do a better job passing and play like this is the damn playoffs! It looked as if they just didn't want to hustle.

I agree with Michael, sometimes the goalie needs to carry the team. Bryzgalov does this for the Coyotes game in and game out. The 4th goal that Howard let in was horrible. He should have saved that. Hopefully he gains some composure in the next few games or we could be looking at an early out.