Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wings Can't Tear 5th from Predators in OT Loss

Well, this is gonna be a short contribution on my end. I unfortunately did miss the entire game due to work. This is the first Red Wings game I've missed completely since starting TDG, and eerily enough, it's also the first game the Wings have dropped since I started the blog.

What I'd like to do (and I think I fixed the comment section of the blog...) is have you, the fans, comment below and tell me if you think Detroit stuck to The Geek's Winning Formula, because I got nothing guys. Sorry, but hopefully that's the last matinee game for a least the last matinee game on one of my work days.

What we can take away from this, though, is that Detroit did get one point from the affair, so the Red Wings are a full game behind the Preds instead of three points. We're still sitting in 6th, happily away from that cut-off line of 8th seed, and still hold two games over Nashville's head. Comfort in the little things, right...?

So how about it? Can you fill me in? Comment below on how you thought the game went and how well the boys stuck to the plan!! I'd appreciate it and it could lead to good discussion!! Better luck next time for the Geek, I guess. Till then, Wingnuts!! Let's Go Red Wings!!!