Friday, July 2, 2010

Holland Holds: No Action on Day 1 of Free Agent Frenzy

Kenny has done it before, and he's sticking to his gameplan: the Wings sat out Day 1 of this year's free agency period. Ken Holland was silent and as players were signed and numbers were discussed, there was Kenny somewhere in the back of the room, in the dark-lit corner with the good view. He was doing what he does best: watching and waiting.

Holland had made it clear a long time ago that Detroit has no need to jump on overpriced and overhyped players, but rather watches the pond of UFA's looking for the catch that's going to fit just right in the Red Wings system and help make this team even stronger. most sources claim Kenny is going to give it about a week, but he's not going to pass up a good offer if it's given to him. Be it a week from now, 5 days, 3 days or even today: If Kenny likes what he's shown, he'll bite when he feels it's time to bite.

Now we go forward into Day 2 of Free Agent Frenzy, and wait to see what unfolds...