Friday, December 3, 2010

Preview: Of Ducks and Fries

Detroit (16-4-2) @ Anaheim (13-11-3)

Detroit continues their California roadtrip with a visit to Anaheim to square off against the Ducks.


Supposing a Red Wings player scores a hatty tonight, do you REALLY want a stupid BURGER for the accomplishment? The correct answer is NO, you DON'T want a stupid BURGER, you want CURLY FRIES!

Well guess what, Wingnuts? Unless you've been under a rock the last day or so, we finally have a chance to right this wrong!! Go to this link and vote for your beloved curly fries (or be a loser and vote for stupid roast beef)! Voting is on from now till December 10, and the winner will be declared triumphantly on December 11.

Let's look at The Geek's Winning Formula!

1.) CURLY FRIES! - Detroit has mustered some pretty good offense this season and it would be nice to keep it going tonight, maybe give Mick a reason to yell CURL-mmmmm, not just yet...

2.) CURLY FRIES!! - Anaheim doesn't get curly fries for a hat-trick, I doubt Anaheim even 'gets' gets it. As such, the Red Wings need to keep the Ducks' productivity down, stay tight and battle hard along the boards, win the battles for puck control and maximize time in the offensive zone. Above all: WIN FACEOFFS. We haven't been doing that enough...

3.) CURLY FRIES!!! - We will maximize our chances of what should be curly fries if we capitalize on powerplay opportunities. Similarly, we can minimize Anaheim's chance of getting some dumb loser prize (probably roast beef) by being disciplined and not giving the Ducks unnecessary chances on their man-advantage. This logic dictates one thing: smart hockey = curly fries. That is all.

Have I mentioned curly fries...?

Enjoy the game, Wingnuts!! Let's Go Red Wings!!!

(UPDATE: Added actual link, so now you can GO VOTE CURLY FRIES!!)