Monday, March 22, 2010

Finally, some Revenge!!

Quote of the game: "MFMNDFNDF FUNNUFMMMD!!" - Sidney Crosby to Jimmy Howard's Glove.

March 22 - Final Score: Detroit 3, Pittsburgh 1

Can I just stop for a moment...and say how beautiful that was? Please? I just want to revel in it. I unfortunately didn't get to watch all of the game tonight, as I was working till 8:30 EST, but the parts I did see...well, let's just say it's nice to see MY Red Wings back on the ice, the Wings I love to watch play hockey.

Let's go to my three keys. I'll review with what bits of the game I did catch:

1.) 60 Minutes - Well gee, can't really cover this one can I? Here's a thought, I'm turning this into a discussion: Comment below as to whether you felt Detroit played a full game of hockey or not and why, let's see what the consensus is.

2.) Building Blocks - Man, from what I saw, the Wings definitely carried momentum into this game!! I'm glad to see Detroit finally moving with the speed we all know they possess, and not just guys like Helmer and Drapes.

3.) Hone the D - Again, from what I saw, the Red Wings seemed to really fine tune their defense and make life a lot easier on Jimmy Howard than they have in recent weeks. A strong Howie and a strong defensive showing from the skaters and guess what? We're gonna see a lot more games end with a score like tonight's.

Now...I have to go back to this, you know I do, and you want me to! Don't hide it! Crosby. What...the...hell...was that gross display of poor sportsmanship at the end of the game?? I can understand if Matt Cooke had pulled that garbage, but guess what Crysbaby: Whether you like being a poster boy for the NHL or not, you've been made one, so act like one!! I may not like your scuzzy ugly ass, but it's your face and your actions that are supposed to promote this game to the new demographic, and you're doing a shit job of it!!! All you've proven thus far this year is that you can be an Olympic hero, and once that's done revert into a cheap opportunist who expects that he can do as he pleases with no consequence to his actions!!

But I'm not going to dwell on Crosby, he's not worth my time or yours, I'll just remember the sweet image of Jimmy Howard's catcher swallowing Sid's head like a baseball. Till next time, Wingnuts!! Go Red Wings!!!