Monday, March 22, 2010

Preview: Wings VS Penguins

“If we play good, we’re going to get into the playoffs, so that’s what we try to do,” - Mike Babcock

Detroit (35-23-13) VS Pittsburgh (42-24-6) we are again. Another rematch of the last two Stanley Cup Finals matchups. Detroit has already played the Pens this season, the most recent meeting ending in a shootout loss. One thing, however, is different about the Wings this time around: The Penguins will be facing a (mostly) healthy Detroit squad tonight, and if an injury-ridden Wings lineup took Pittsburgh to a shootout...? Let's just review my three keys to victory, shall we?

1.) 60 Minutes - No, not the TV show, this is how long the Wings need to play serious if they really wanna win this game. Even if we have a much healthier squad now, we can't afford to give the Pens any high-percentage chance off of turnovers or bad plays on the boards. Look at the last two games: two goal leads given up two consecutive nights. This cannot happen tonight.

Ick, gonna be late for work, gotta go fast...:

2.) Building Blocks - Real simple: Lots of momentum from the last game, carry it over and come out strong!

3.) Hone the D - The Wings skaters can't be caught standing around if we're to win tonight. If we let the Pens possess the puck, we're doomed, straight up.

Okay, gotta jet, I'll be on Twitter tonight! Go Red Wings!!!