Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Brett Lebda Departure Watch

It's only a matter of time now. After numerous seasons of what I felt were mediocre play, it looks like Detroit defenseman Brett Lebda has seen his last run with Hockeytown, and the suitors have already started lining up.

Reports already confirm that Lebs has turned down an offer handed him by Dynamo Minsk of the KHL, sources claim that talks broke down with the club after "the American" asked for too much money. We'll have to wait and see if any other Eurpoean teams have a deeper pocket and a thicker skull and offer Brett something more to his liking.

Or perhaps it'll be a team back here, in the NHL, who comes knocking for Lebda' There always seems to be someone looking to add a piece of the Red Wings to themselves in hopes to better their own team. Heck, by next season maybe we'll see Lebs in Chicago, since that seems to be the place all reject Red Wings go nowadays. Or maybe he'll hook up for some binge parties in Philly with Ville.

Wherever he may go, he will be Lebda, and he will shine. Not brightly, only at about 55-60% efficiency, enough to make you wonder if it's time to change the bulb or not. Then before you know it, he's been there for 5 years. Ah well, time for some other club to walk around in the dim light that is Brett Lebda, Detroit's D-Corp will be looking much brighter next season.


Michael Smith said...

Adios Mr. Lebda. He'll probably end up in the Eastern conference somewhere. He might actually fit in to the Caps system pretty well since they don't like to play defense anyway.

For now I think that talk about Russian teams is road apples. Lebda's agent probably shot them a huge number just so they would quit calling.

Matthew said...

Anyone like the D-man the Wings signed form Wisconsin?