Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flyers Can't Take Punishment, Kane Beats Philly for Cup Win

The world of taxi driving can rest easy this summer: Patrick Kane has won the Chicago Blackhawks the Stanley Cup.

Kane pocketed a goal past goaltender Michael Leighton like loose change in the early stages of overtime to clinch the Cup victory for the Hawks, allowing the cabbie world a nationwide sigh of relief: what the hell could possibly get him so riled up to punch an unawares chauffeur now?

On a much brighter note, Jonathan Toews was awarded the Conn Smythe trophy, an accomplishment that even the high and mighty Sidney Crosby has not attained, giving the young Chicago captain more achievements in his just-beginning career than the Pittsburgh poster-boy. If there is any consolation for a Blackhawks Cup win for me, this is it right here.

Further, it should be noted that the Hossa curse has been lifted. Marion Hossa finally whored himself to the right team at the right time and proved that selling yourself all over the place can eventually bring you success. Look for there to be an increase in NTC's league-wide dissolving and a 100% jump in players looking to join some other team where they can be admired more. Fellow Blackhawk AND Detroit defector, Tomas Kopecky, will also have his name added to the Cup this year.

So now that this year of hockey has finally come to a close, Wings fans can stop worrying about irrelevant games that really have no effect on us, and get pumped to make a brand new run for the Cup next season.

Enjoy the Cup, Chicago. Only 20% of your team'll be back for next year, so have fun with that.


Matthew said...

Atleast they will have Hossa! I was pulling for Philly but I think its cool when one of the Original Six win the cup.